Service Price Calculation

In service template, merchants define base price and discount coefficient of different service duration domains. Currently system only support VSYS coin and token which defined by mechant and issued on VSYS blockchain as settlement currency.


t: Serve time
p: Service base proce
rr: Discount coefficient in service duration domains
yy: Exchange rate between VSYS Coin and token issued on VSYS blockchain

Order Price Calculation

When t is within service duration domains of coefficient rr

Order Price = t * p * rr

Remaining Price Calculation when User Request Refund

Service Unit Price = Order Paid Amount / Service Duration

Refund Token Amount = (Service Unit Price * Remaining Service Duration - 0.1)* yy

0.1 is the transaction fee, and payment is VSYS coin.

Last Updated: 6/22/2021, 11:31:42 AM