V Cloud SDK API Guide


This endpoint provides api for uploading service template, receiving user payment event webhook, handling order refund and managing user serivces.

  1. Service Template API
  2. VSYS Payment Webhook
  3. Order Refund API
  4. User Service API

Upload Service Template

GET /api/v1/service/template/add

The server will read the request body for service template and create service information. Please refer to service template explanation for template details.

VSYS Payment Webhook

POST /api/v1/listener/vsys

The request body of this api is event trigger payment event sending from event trigger module in VSYS node.

Order Refund API

Get Order Information

GET /api/v1/order/id/:id 

Please refer to order fields for order response

Service Call Refund

This api is for merchant's resource node to refund an order when the resource is out-of-limit.

POST /api/v1/order/serviceRefund/:id

where id is order id.

Request Body

	"stopService": true

The request body is a json dict containing key field.

Field Name Type Explanation
stopService bool if to call stop lua-script when doing refund

User Call Refund

POST /api/v1/order/userRefund/:id

where id is order id.

User Service API

Query User Service

GET /api/v1/userService?

Fields of Query Parameters

Field Name Type Explanation
id string order id
address string user services that are related to this address
serviceID string user services that are related to this service id
service string service name related
statuses string[] user services that are in these statuses
startFrom number user service objects that are created after this timestamp
endAt number user service objects that are created before this timestamp
current number current page
pageSize number page size


    "list": [
            "createdAt": 1623143606,
            "updatedAt": 1623143606,
            "duration": 100,
            "endAt": 0,
            "serviceID": "53bc15ca-e6f8-42ef-a814-8c5f14d22b79",
            "service": "Container Service",
            "address": "AU2TxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxGp5sj",
            "userServiceID": "9c547686-aaac-4c0d-9036-df4abba7d097",
            "serviceOptions": {
                "portSpecification": "User Specified Service Port",
                "resourceUnit": "1-Unit-Resource"
            "status": "ServiceRunning",
            "magic": "VzvCRsqQ4vF8twxKcpRmt8gfHpQSjJRFRhY1ijnMdVQzuufKNtar6oV7vqom1bWtAYoYNWY1orypwfV7kAUVvyeEmdV7",
            "serviceActiveTS": 1623143606,
            "serviceRunningTS": 1623143606,
            "serviceAbortTS": 0,
            "serviceDoneTS": 0
    "pagination": {
        "total": 1,
        "current": 1,
        "pageSize": 10

Fields of user service item in list

Field Name Type Explanation
createdAt number user service object creation time
updatedAt number user service object updated time
duration number service duration in hour
endAt number service ending timestamp after user starts using the service
serviceID string service id that it relates to
service string service name
address string user address
userServiceID string the same as order id
serviceOptions string service options that this user service used
status string user service status
magic string It, encrypted by user public key, is for using service
serviceActiveTS number user service active time, which is user paid time
serviceRunningTS number user service starts running time
serviceAbortTS number user service abortion time
serviceDoneTS number user service finished time

Get User Service

GET /api/v1/userService/:id

where id is order id.

The response please refer to user service fields

Start User Service Timing

POST /api/v1/userService/start/:orderId

This api is to notify SDK node of counting service time.

Stop Expired User Service

POST /api/v1/userService/stop

This api allows merchant to stop user service manually.

Last Updated: 6/8/2021, 9:30:58 AM